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    Send alert email digest

    Morgan Corbett

      When contacts at target accounts opens an email, we send an alert to the sales owner (outlining who opened the email, which account, contact info, etc.)


      However, because there are so many contacts per account, it overwhelms our sales team because they receive too many alerts.


      Is there a way to create an "alert digest" by accounts? or by sales owner?

        • Re: Send alert email digest
          Josh Hill

          No, you cannot directly. There are some options


          • Send one alert per week per lead.
          • Train team to use Sales Insights or generate a report.
          • Create Smart List Subscription based on Lead Owner or Territory for Opened Email IS ANY IN PAST 1 day.


          I really question the idea of sending Alerts on Opens, or even clicks. You should gate leads until MQL or if they request direct help. Sales will always tune out alerts at a high volume when it's clear they are low value.

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