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    Hot Lead Alert

      I want to have a lead alert sent to my sales team everytime a lead is updated/imported with a lead rating of Hot.  We use this to identify which tradeshow leads require immediate follow-up.  

      Similarly, I don't want the sales rep to receive our generic lead alert that goes out when scoring reaches a minimum threshold.  

      For the Hot Lead Alert smart campaign I have the smartlist set-up with a trigger of Data Value Changes > Lead Rating Contains Hot and the Flow is to remove from scoring alert smart campaign and to send the Hot Lead Alert email.

      However, when I import a list of tradeshow leads into my email send campaign, those with a Lead Rating of Hot aren't triggering the Hot Lead Alert.   I'm kind of stumped as to why this is and any suggestions or advice would be great.

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          Josh Hill
          New Leads won't trigger Data Value Changes. So you might have two triggers:

          Data Value Changes: Lead Rating IS "Hot"
          Lead Is Created
          Filter: Lead Rating IS "Hot"

          Keep in mind that there is an OR between every trigger with an AND after the triggers (unless you say otherwise):

          (Trigger 1 OR Trigger 2) AND Filter 1

          Also you should try using Lead Rating IS "Hot"

          You may find that the original scoring alert gets triggered anyway, so you might want to exclude Hot leads from this flow. You can also put a Wait Step of 10 mins first and that gives the Hot Lead Alert time to remove the lead from the first campaign.

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            Awesome, thanks Josh.  I had a feeling it had something to do with new leads not triggering data value changes.  This looks like it will work.  I'll give it shot and see how goes.  I really apprecaite the suggestions!