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Hot Lead Alert

Question asked by 49511 on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by 49511
I want to have a lead alert sent to my sales team everytime a lead is updated/imported with a lead rating of Hot.  We use this to identify which tradeshow leads require immediate follow-up.  

Similarly, I don't want the sales rep to receive our generic lead alert that goes out when scoring reaches a minimum threshold.  

For the Hot Lead Alert smart campaign I have the smartlist set-up with a trigger of Data Value Changes > Lead Rating Contains Hot and the Flow is to remove from scoring alert smart campaign and to send the Hot Lead Alert email.

However, when I import a list of tradeshow leads into my email send campaign, those with a Lead Rating of Hot aren't triggering the Hot Lead Alert.   I'm kind of stumped as to why this is and any suggestions or advice would be great.