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    Please enable most active users to move content to "products"

    Grégoire Michel

      I am probably counselling people 10 times a day to move questions from The specified item was not found.  or About Community to Products  and to read Dan Stevens. posts...


      Wouldn't it be more efficient if a few of us were granted the possibility to move these contents ?



        • Re: Please enable most active users to move content to "products"
          Devraj Grewal

          Agreed. Oftentimes you'll receive a system notification months later that a discussion you commented on was eventually moved by a Marketo Admin to the appropriate space. But months later?


          I don't want users seeking answers to their Marketo questions to be discouraged to use Community. Users should expect a prompt response to their questions and there are dozens of active users (like Greg) more than willing to provide them. But if they first post in the incorrect place and active responders can't find it in time, questions will not be answered promptly and Community loses its value.