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Success Date not being populated consistently

Question asked by e16d61a04e4a391624f546a7c43b6da534efe7dd on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Aubrey Morgan

Hello Marketo Community pals,

Is anyone else experiencing a problem with the Success Date field not being populated consistently? We are noticing this right now and working through it with support, but thinking, "Are we the only ones?!".


We (Sarah Solbrig and Cam Conrad) noticed this issue while trying to pull February reporting. We are seeing this across several different Program types. We will see a Person who has a Program Success = Yes, but then Success Date = Not Available.


Support has a theory for why this is happening with our GTW synced Event Programs, but is now looking into why this would be happening in other types of Programs.


I'd love to hear if anyone else is experiencing this and what you are doing/have done about it.



- Sarah Luckow


P.S. Are you thinking "How would I know if I'm having this problem?" You can create a Program Membership Analysis Report RCE report that filters on Success Date = Not Available, Success Status = Yes and you could put Program Name as a row and Members as the Measure. If anyone shows up, I'd think you are having this problem.