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    Segment By Device



      Wondering if it is possible to create a Marketo Segment for Mobile vs Desktop so that subject lines can be dynamic by device?


      It's possible on Hubspot. Anyone ever done on Marketo?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi David,


          If you are talking about dynamic content, you could set up a mechanic so that you store the device last used by a lead in a lead field and then use it to create a segmentation. Finally, you will be able to use that segmentation to create a dynamic subject line. But I do not think this will do the trick as this is static and a lead might open one email on mobile and the second one on a desktop. So you would make things a little more sophisticated, trying to determine if each leads tend to open more frequently on a device type or another. and it's IMHO a never ending challenge.


          I would prefer something that determines the subject line dynamically on the device, depending on the device, but I am not sure this is even possible in email clients.


          What is Hubspot real capability on this?