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    How to create gated content on landing page?



      Does anyone know how to create gated content using Marketo - where once a form is filled out it will trigger an automatic PDF download for the user?


      Any responses would be appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          Sanford Whiteman

          This is basic Marketo Forms 2.0 functionality.


          The simplest approach: set the form's Thank You Page ("Follow Up With..." in Form Editor) to the downloadable asset.


          Recommended approach, since you will be implicitly verifying the lead's email: trigger on the Filled Out Form activity and send the asset via email.  If you do this, don't send them a direct link to the asset but rather send them to a redirector page, as described here.


          There are many resources on these topics. Start with the Marketo Docs and continue with a Community search.