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Will I properly pull leads into my Revenue Cycle Modeler?

Question asked by 564794a99636afc2653cf2d50149dede3df2fbca on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by Michaela Iery

Hey Everyone!


As always, I really appreciate all of the help and feedback from this community. I've been watching a ton of krewechats and similar materials on creating our organizations first Revenue Cycle Modeler. As of now I'm building an initial map to propose internally, but I'm a bit lost on one portion. Here at our organization, like I think at many others, we differentiate form submissions by those that are either downloading a guide (prospect) or directly requesting a demo (MQL).


While the guide downloads will be going through a nurturing series of triggered engagement programs until they convert to a demo and move to sales, the direct demo MQLs will be pushed to sales directly. My question: do I have to create a separate funnel entry for those that are starting as a direct MQL as opposed to those that are starting as a guide download? So for example, does someone have to enter as a prospect in order to be added to an MQL stage, or can they do that directly? I attached a screenshot of my current map if it helps!


Thank you everyone for any feedback!