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    Marketo template sent and tracked via Gmail plugin, but not showing up in Activity Log

    Jasmine Jackson-Irwin

      Hi all!


      A member of our Customer Success team has started using the Marketo Insights plugin for Gmail to send monthly updates to customers. In addition to using a Marketing-created template, she tracked her email send with the plugin.


      For whatever reason, though, that email send is not reflected in the respective recipients' Activity Logs in SFDC. I even went in and looked at the leads individually in Marketo, thinking there may have been a sync error between SFDC and Marketo; however, there is no record that the email was ever sent nevertheless delivered. Oddly enough, though, other emails (specifically a trade show invite) that were sent from our Marketo system within a 1-2 day window are tracked and displaying properly.


      Is it possible that the email our CS team sent did in fact not send at all (or deliver) to recipients? We want to make sure that she doesn't need to send another email to makeup for any gaps.


      Any help is super appreciated! Thanks.