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    Skype Meeting Broadcast

    Dawn Richcreek

      Does anyone have any experience using Skype Meeting Broadcast for Webinars?

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          Miki Weiser

          Skype Meeting BroadCast & Marketo

          Hi, we've been using BrightTalk and GoToWebinar for our webinar programs, and I am looking into Skype Meeting Broadcast - but I wanted to know if anyone here has any positive/negative experience with the software. How well does it integrate with Marketo? How is the audio quality - globally? Is it strong in driving leads to the webinars? Does it also offer video hosting and analytics?


          I watched this video Skype Meeting Broadcast - What it is and how to use it - YouTube  - it seems to be a very promising tool, would love to hear your thoughts!

          There area  few questions - but now answers, and I can't find anything through the internet... there must be someone who has tried this, no?


          Thanks -Miki