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How to get company logo/avatar to show up in inboxes?

Question asked by f3cb985874d55d931728fd17bec3b89831f62cae on Mar 21, 2017
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We're trying to get our company/product logo show up next to our company information in the emails we broadcast (From name, subject, pre-header etc). If you use Gmail you'll notice the little "avatar" image usually to the left of the email, this is where we would like our product logo to show. When you send an email from your personal inbox this is easy to fix as you just upload a profile picture, but is there a way to use your company logo here instead and to use that in all emails going to from Marketo?


Since Marketo does not integrate with G+, I was wondering if anyone here has encountered this as well and found a way to solve it?


Thanks in advance.