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Cadence Change Question

Question asked by Michell Bauer on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by Devraj Grewal

I am new to Marketo, sorry if this question is confusing.


I have a drip stream engagement program with a series of emails. The first email was sent out. Then management wanted me to increase the audience size which I did. They want me to send emails again this week, but I currently have my stream set up to go out on the 8th of every month.


If I change my Stream Cadence for the FIRST CAST from MARCH 8, to MARCH 23; will everyone who already received the first email receive it again? Or will the system know the first email went out March 8 to select people?


I am trying to send out the first email this week only to people who were just added to the program. I understand people who already got the 1st email will get the 2nd one, that is fine, but how can I change the stream cadence to a particular date and time without messing up its understanding that some people already got the 1st email.


Please let me know how I can clarify if needed. I'd appreciate any assistance on this matter.