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Using a "real" Marketo form with a responsive template

Question asked by 65483 on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by Igor Khripunov
Hi everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone had a better solution on this front.  We've been using a resonsive template for our landing pages.  Because it's responsive, we need the form to change size as needed, but sitll want to use a Marketo form.  So we've been using "embedded" forms.  This allow us to put the embedded form in the <div>, and it resizes well, while still using Marketo native code.

However, one issue has cropped up.  We've found that the form we're using won't show as a "form" on the Marketo landing page, in terms of the results you see.  So when you click on a landing page, you usually see what form is there.  That doesn't happen in our solution.

We'd like to be able to see what form is on what landing page.  The best idea I have is that we add a form to our Marketo landing page, and then add CSS styling to move whatever the <div> tag is for the form we add.  That way we can use a Marketo form created in the landing page editor, but still have it move with the responsive.

However, this method is tricky - we're having trouble getting it to work correctly.  Ideally, we'd have the form be styled by an existing div tag, which would move it as needed.

Anyone have any better ideas?