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If you have a question/issue regarding any of the product related features of Marketo, STOP, and head over to the appropriate section of the community called PRODUCTS & SUPPORT (Products).  There is a specific space called "PRODUCT DISCUSSIONS" for these types of discussions.



This is where the majority of the members of the community - especially many of the experts/champions - "hang out" to help/assist others with their questions/challenges.  Meaning, you will have a much greater chance of having your question seen and answered.


MARKETING CENTRAL > MARKETING DISCUSSIONS is for discussing general marketing-related topics that are product independent.  There are a couple other areas of the community that lead to this same confusion (PRODUCTS & SUPPORT > COMMUNITY HELP & FEEDBACK).


Hope this helps and saves us from constantly reminding users (mainly new users who aren't familiar with the community) to move their question to the appropriate section/space of the community.  We're not trying to be rude - we simply want to direct you the most appropriate place within the community to help you get your questions answered as quickly (and accurately) as possible.  And, of course, allow others to benefit from this as well.


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