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    How do we ensure that "free gift" links in Marketo emails can only be claimed by the recipient?

      I have a question about unique links inside Marketo email campaigns.  I expect it's a fairly common issue, but I can't find a solution in the docs.  Here's the situation...


      We want to send "free gifts" to our a subset of our users.  These are sent via Marketo email campaigns.  The email contains a link to "claim" the free gift. We need to ensure that these links aren't shared with non-recipients. 


      At the moment we have users who create duplicate accounts in our system. They then click the link and log in which each account one-by-one and claim the "free gift".  I'm hoping there is some way to ensure that the links can only be clicked by the intended recipient. 


      Ideally we create the link with a URL that is unique to the recipient.  It should include a param that is a hash of their email address and a secret key.  When they arrive on our website, we validate the hash to limit it to the intended account.


      I think we need to create these URLs with a script on our system so we can generate the unique hash.  Is there some way to do this?  Can we create "tokens" that are generated from our own script?  Or perhaps some way to upload these via CSV?


      Thanks very much for your help!