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    Implementing SFDC Standardized State and Country Pick Lists

    Delinda Tinkey

      I'd like to implement the standardized SFDC pick lists, but see conflicting information on this in the Marketo community. Has anyone done this successfully or does it still break the Marketo integration?



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Delinda,


          The real issue is that once you have made the change in SFDC, SFDC will become very pernickety with country field values an reject any value that is not in the picklist (while with previous free field, any crappy data could be inserted). This will put your data management and import process on first line, but if country is an important information for your business (for instance for lead assignment), the gain in data quality and process efficiency is significant (and IMHO worth the effort).


          It will not break the integration if you anticipate it and proceed quickly with a few changes:

          • Make sure you update ALL forms quickly so that any country field used there uses the same list as SFDC for stored values. If you don't, leads created or updated with faulty country values will not be inserted/updated in SFDC.
          • If some lists are imported in your DB, make sure that only valid country values are uploaded through these imports
          • Create or update your data management campaign so that they cleanse all invalid country values.


          SFDC country picklist migration wizard will replace all country values by values from the picklist. Let the sync propagates these changes to Marketo and then run some data management campaigns on the remaining (non synchronized yet) leads in Marketo to adjust the countries to be correct values



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