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    Marketo Sync Converting Leads to Contacts

    Jenn DiMaria

      Does anyone have experience with the Marketo Sync user mysteriously converting leads to contacts SFDC?


      The conversion is assigned to Marketo Sync, but there wasn't anything happening in Marketo to have triggered this. Could something else be going on?


      Thanks in advance


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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Jenn,


          This quite weird. Usually, triggering a conversion from Marketo is difficult as many mandatory infos are missing and it fails... ANd using the "convert lead" is not a good idea because the most basic options are not available (create an opportunity upon conversion, merge with an existing account or create a new one, ...)


          Possible causes:

          • Some triggers or process builders in SFDC fire and perform the conversion
          • You have implemented a dedupe tool such as Ring Lead that can automatically convert leads if they are duplicates with a contact
          • Someone else, a human, has in fact converted the leads and did not tell you