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    Different unsubscribe links based on sender?

      We use an email subscription center to manage our lists and I need to set up two different unsubscribe links based on who is sending the email. (One of our departments sends emails related to totally different products and directs people to a different domain so we don't want accidental crossover). I was hoping there would be a way to dynamically change the unsub URL depending on who the from address (or similar), but I can't find a way to make that happen.


      My other solution was to manually add the correct unsub link to each email. From what I can tell, I wouldn't be using a token as I can't find a way to add a new system token for Marketo to recognize so would change the Sales Insight setting to Ignore Unsubscribe Settings and hide the footer? I just need to make sure that the correct link will be shown without the generic one showing up incorrectly.

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          Josh Hill

          There are several methods:


          • Different Templates for each situation, with separate Footers.
          • Snippets - create a Segmentation by Product and all emails get a Snippet that differs based on the lead's Segment. Segment could be by Product or Lead Owner, etc. Think hard, because once you get this running, it is not easy to modify outside of the Snippet.
          • You could use a Token where you create a field or My Token like {{my.Unsubscribe Product Link}} and the program manager changes that in the Program. That'd be a URL you post in there.
            • The system unsubscribe link token would not be used in this case and you'd have to blank out the Admin>Email>Opt Out Footer (this is true in all of the options since you have non default pages created.
          • not sure what you mean by Sales Insight - don't modify that setting.
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            Grégoire Michel

            HI Brad,


            Read this: The comprehensive guide to setting up the unsubscribe link


            From it, you will be able to derive approaches that makes the link changing.



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              Stepan Egorov

              Hi Brad,


              I have the same situation with two products that conduct marketing communications independently, and leads have to unsubscribe separately from each one. So, here's a question you may already know how to resolve.


              When people unsubscribe from one product's communication, they're not unsubscribed from another one, and vice versa. So, you're using custom subscription/unsubscription boolean fields, and you're not using a Marketo system Unsubscribe field. Means, the people are technically still active in the database.


              How does it affect the amount of money you pay to Marketo for the size of your database? In some other email marketing tools, you pay only for the active list members, and when they unsubscribe, they're not counted anymore. Does it work the same way in Marketo? If yes, then you're in trouble with such setting, because people never "unsubscribe" system-wise, are always counted, and only tend to accumulate. This means the database has to be cleansed manually from time to time, and you may lose some historic data.