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Managing a Large List of Hard Bounces

Question asked by Tom Kerlin on Mar 15, 2017
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Is there a quick and easy way to analyze a large list of hard bounces? My Bounced Email Addresses system smart list contains 35,000+ emails with email invalid set to true. I'd like to find a way to quickly analyze and differentiate between the emails that are likely "true" hard bounces and the emails that are more than likely "false" hard bounces.


How can I build a smart list so that it finds the "false" hard bounces and build one that will do the same for "true" hard bounces?


Maybe filter by 'email invalid cause' contains "insert bounce code and reason here"?


This is important, since I think it's starting to affect our delivery rates, meaning a decent-sized portion of our lists are no longer receiving the email due to being marked invalid.


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