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    Account data to make changes to contacts

    Franklin Bear

      Here's the context for what I am trying to solve for.


      We recently implemented a process by which an account owner can suspend her account using a color indicator. The flow of the color indicator goes Red for six months, then yellow for six months, and then green is open.


      Example: Jeff is prospecting to an account, but the MPOC says, "Hey Jeff, you know now is not a good time. We won't be looking to review any new tools for at least six months. Can you reach out in six months?" Jeff says, "Sure, I can respect that." Jeff goes into SFDC and changes the color indicator to yellow (six-month suspension). In SFDC, a workflow sets a timer to begin a countdown of 180 days and changes all contacts at that account to yellow as well. In Marketo, we have necessary trigger campaigns to change Marketing Suspended = True; Marketing suspended reason = Yellow, and Marketing suspend until date = 6 months out. We can do this with existing contacts, but where we run into a problem is how to get this on the new leads that come in.


      Example: Jeff has set XYZ Company to Yellow and all the associated contacts via the workflow to yellow. Then, one of Jeff's contacts at XYZ Company shares a webinar link with her colleague and she signs up for the webinar, thus a new lead created. This is the breakdown, how do we identify that lead and it's association with Jeff's account change the color indicator to yellow and all the various suspend field updates?

      Do we let SFDC do the account matching?

      Do we create a segment perhaps based on color? I would have to keep track of domains for each color and that doesn't seem scalable.