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    GA UTM tracking on email links

    Jaime Servaes

      So from what I can tell Marketo doesn't automatically add the GA UTM parameters to email links.  If that is true, does anyone have a recommendation on the quickest way to add these to emails? I really don't want to have to manually tag every link in an email.  So can I use tokens or some other cool tool do to this for me?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Jaime,


          This is true. There are quite a few ideas on the community to vote for on this.


          The easiest way to add UTMs in emails depends on which versions of the editor you are using.


          If you are using v1 emails, there is no simple solutions. You will have to add UTMs manually on each <a> tag you add to your editable zones. For the non editable ones, you can use tokens that you hard code to the template.


          If you are using V2 templates, the best way is to add UTM's a variables in the email for your CTA modules, then simply fill out the variables when you create the email.


          Read more here: Email 2.0 Hack - UTM Parameters as local variables