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    Block Leads from a Partition

    Jennifer Bishop

      Our CRM is a bit of a mess and we currently do not have Salesforce.  Our leads are partitioned by geography, however we are having an issue with about 20 people.  They should ultimately belong in the Europe partition but since they're listed in Europe and North America in our CRM, they keep bouncing back and forth between the North America and Europe partitions when we refresh our database lists.  Is there some kind of triggered campaign I can setup that will block them from being allowed to move to the North America partition when a list is uploaded that they happen to be on?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Jennifer,


          Are you running a smart campaign that brings back the lead in the other partition or is the partition change triggered automatically by the import (which is weird)? Or are your assignment rules playing a trick on you?


          The first thing to do is to look into these leads activity log and understand what is triggering the partition change.


          Please paste here a screen shot of the activity log showing the partition change activity



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              Jennifer Bishop

              Hey Gregoire -


              I can tell you exactly what's happening:  we have triggered campaigns that are setup to move leads to the correct partition.  For North America, we add a field called "NA-Business Unit" to our customer's profiles and mark them as TRUE.  For Europe, they add in a similar field (EU-Business Unit) and mark their customers as TRUE.  The triggered campaigns listen for this value to change to TRUE, which then moves the customers into North America or Europe.  The issue is that they are on both lists so they keep bouncing back and forth between partitions.  I was hoping there is a way to create a triggered campaign that would block them from getting back into North America permanently.