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    Converting Campaign from Marketo to Dynamics

    Harry Jelley



      We currently have a process flow within the business between Marketo and Dynamics with the logic that when a lead becomes warm within Marketo, they will enter our telemarketing/ pre-sales pot for engagement. However, our leads will be part of multiple channel campaigns within Marketo and it would be great to understand the channel/ email/ program that converted the lead into Dynamics - does any know the best approach to this?


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          Grégoire Michel

          This question really belongs to the products section, where more people at ease with this subject will see it.


          Unfortunately, the MSD connector cannot do this, so there is no other solution than a custom way.


          Typically, the we would do it is add all the information into a multi line text field (for instance under the form of a json array in the text field) and when this info is pushed in a lead / contact field in MSD, it is use by a workflow to recreate all the elements in MSD.


          The other possibility would be to use a non standard integration between Marketo and MSD and many ideas would come here:

          • Have a web service created in MSD to add a lead to a campaign and call it from Marketo with a webhook
          • Use some ETL type of system to transfer program membership data
          • ...




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            Dan Stevens

            We always transfer the last-touched program that resulted in a qualified lead into two custom fields: Program Name and Program ID.  Of course this isn't out-of-the-box integration but is using the native connector:


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