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    Request test environments for Marketo Spring 2017 release



      We received an email about the APIs changes from Spring 2017 release. It says Mareketo will use the new field "marketoGUID" to replace the current field "Id" for LeadActivityRecords.


      For some reason, we are using the "Id" field to do some data integrations. It should be OK to use "marketoGUID" to replace "Id" for our solutions. But we are facing some real problems:

      1. Where can we get the updated WSDL which contains marketoGUID in object ActivityRecord (for some reason we are still using the SOAP APIs)?

      2. Is there a test environment so we can run tests to verify our changes are good?


      Can anyone please help here?


      I tried to search for an answer, but no luck. I guess that is because it is still new to most of the Marketo integration developers.