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    Responsive Newsletter Templates - Help!

    Eric Straus


      We are trying to find a mobile-responsive newsletter template to use in Marketo. The ones Marketo has available do not work for our needs in terms of layout and design. I uploaded some HTML templates from outside sources into Marketo, but as you probably can guess, the only way to edit them is through the HTML. I am not an HTML expert enough to navigate the vast code and make changes to get the newsletter to look the way we would like.

      Does anyone have any advice on being able to edit a responsive template in Marketo? Thanks in advance.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Eric,


          This is not the way to approach this problem. Responsive email development is a very tricky thing and you should not try to get to the HTML, you will only make things worse (believe my experience on this )


          If Marketo email template do not work for you, look to other Marketo compliant templates providers, such as Hoosh or Knak (afew more are available in the Launchpoint).


          And if you do not find what you are looking for there, then look for some template developers such as emailmonks.com



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            Mukul Bansal

            Hi Eric Straus


            If I understand your request you are looking for fully responsive and editable Newsletter Template which is completely editable and you should be able to reuse/edit it as per your requirement without a developers help.


            At Grazitti, we are working with over 50 Marketo customers helping them with similar assets development requirements and day to day Marketo operations needs. Would love to share some samples. Please feel free to reach me on mukulb@grazitti.com and we can discuss this better.



            Mukul Bansal

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              Pierce Ujjainwalla

              Hey Eric,


              This is exactly the reason that I started Knak. I am a marketer who doesn't know HTML (could barely spell it) and wanted to be able to get my assets out the door without having to rely on an agency or a developer.


              We have build a platform that enables marketers like you to make better emails and landing pages. You can do a free trial and make your own newsletter template or pick from one of ours and customize it for your brand.


              Give it a try - I think you'll like it.



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                Hi Eric,

                On Launchpoint website you can find the Marketo partners that provide solutions for creating email templates faster.seg?add=3901497&t=2