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How to Track Email Responses

Question asked by Yuri Daniels on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by 2d84b4e604d642dfa9e7ff2ace936cd3e6a4b415

Marketo Rockstars,


Does anyone know how to track email replies in Marketo/Salesforce? We're running direct reply emails at scale and can't track which content (email body) is driving higher engagement. No problem tracking by subject line if those are unique. Salesforces tracks replies but our activity report doesn't do a good job filtering by content (Comments contain "xxx") as filters aren't equaling the sum of total responses.


We're reviewing Siftrock which integrates with Marketo and can bucket replies by date (auto response, OOO, unsubscribe, etc) and filter them from hitting a rep's inbox. But it doesn't provide program and campaign-level reporting, among other weaknesses.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!