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    Report on Form Fills by Email Program

      Hello, first of all I hope that I have posted this in the right place.


      This may be something blindingly obvious but it is driving me mad trying to work it out.


      Is there a way in which I can display a report that shows me how many form fills each form has got and which email campaign they have got to the landing page from.


      I want to see which email campaigns have generated form fills for which campaigns, basically.


      1) Am I going down the right route or is there another way to do this?

      2) Is it even possible to see this information?

      3) I am sure it must be possible to do this rather than having to individually create smart lists (or Email report with a smart list) "Was sent email = 'X'" and "Member of program = 'Webinar'"?


      Help would be greatly appreciated!