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    How do I add leads to an engagement program?

    Justine Smith

      Hi there,


      I'm currently trying to create an engagement program with 4 streams and am having a hard time getting leads added to the engagement program whether via smart campaign or the transition rules of stream 1.


      When I created a smart campaign with

      Smart list: Visits web page (trigger) -> Filled out form (filter) -> Opt-in status: true (filter)

      Flow: Add to engagement program Stream 1


      I can't seem to find the smart campaign to add directly as content for stream 1. Or, since the smart campaign's flow directs leads to drop into Stream 1, would the smart campaign need to be added as Stream 1 content?


      OR, when I try adding leads to the engagement program via Stream 1's transition rules, it keep saying that that they contain an error. This is where the errors are popping up. (see pictures)


      I'm fairly new to Marketo so any help would be greatly appreciated. Have scoured the community docs, questions, and how to guide and can't seem to find the answer. Thanks in advance!

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Justine,


          This belongs to "products", not to "Champions Program". The later if for question about the "champions program" and very few people will see your question.


          Now, on your question, a few things:

          • "visits web page" is a trigger. It only reacts in almost real time when a known lead with a cookie visits a web page. This means that it will add leads to the EP one by one when leads will vist pages in the future. If you want to add a bulk of leads, you should rather use a "visited web page" filter to handle past web page visits.
          • You do not need to add your smart campaign to the stream. You should only set it up and activate it if it's a triggered one or rune it as batch everyday if it's a filtered one
          • Transition rule cannot add leads to an EP. they can move leads between streams only if the leads already belong to the EP. So surely not the way to go


          From your questions, I do not want to appear patronizing, but you probably need some training with someone who knows how this should be done. Start with the Marketo university, where there are some free courses.