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How do I add leads to an engagement program?

Question asked by 369c0f428e1142e97e22b271a7f619665fb54a04 on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Grégoire Michel

Hi there,


I'm currently trying to create an engagement program with 4 streams and am having a hard time getting leads added to the engagement program whether via smart campaign or the transition rules of stream 1.


When I created a smart campaign with

Smart list: Visits web page (trigger) -> Filled out form (filter) -> Opt-in status: true (filter)

Flow: Add to engagement program Stream 1


I can't seem to find the smart campaign to add directly as content for stream 1. Or, since the smart campaign's flow directs leads to drop into Stream 1, would the smart campaign need to be added as Stream 1 content?


OR, when I try adding leads to the engagement program via Stream 1's transition rules, it keep saying that that they contain an error. This is where the errors are popping up. (see pictures)


I'm fairly new to Marketo so any help would be greatly appreciated. Have scoured the community docs, questions, and how to guide and can't seem to find the answer. Thanks in advance!