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    Setup email to send XX days from last transaction

    Kevin Fonger

      Hi, I am looking to send an email 305 days after the last transaction a customer has.  The transaction is once a year and we look to send an email reminder 2 months ahead of time. We have historically set up separate campaigns for each month, but I am looking to make one campaign so I don't have to set up 12 separate campaigns throughout the year. We have a filter that is setup through Salesforce called "Has Encounter" which means they had a transaction.  To have an email auto send 10 months after their last transaction, I am trying to determine the best date format  I am wondering if "in future after" or "in past before" would work, where I would input 305 days which would equal approximately 10 months. 


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Balkar Singh

          Hi Kevin,


          If the "Has Encounter" field denotes the transaction, and you need to send an email 10 months/305 days after that transaction, you could build a triggered campaign saying Data Value Changes, with Attribute as "Has Encounter" and a constraint for new value = TRUE. In the flow, you could add a wait step of 305 Days, and then send the email.


          Hope this helps!


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            Joey Forcelli

            Hey Kevin,


            I would set this up as a batch campaign rather than a trigger campaign with a wait step.


            The trigger and wait would get messy here because you would also have to account for updates to the customers "last transaction date".  Essentially, the lead would need re-enter the campaign each time a customers "last transaction date" changed.  This would require another campaign to remove leads who's "last transaction date" changed and then building your campaign so that a lead can qualify multiple times. 


            By using a batch campaign you can let the smart list dictate who should receive the email on the day of deployment.  The smart list criteria should be:  last transaction date in past before 304 days AND last transaction date in past 305 days.  Setting the smart list up in this manner will ensure that only transactions 305 days ago are included in that days batch email deployment.


            Hope this helps.

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