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Pipe character ( | ) in Job title breaks Gotowebinar connection, how to fix automatically?

Question asked by Gerard van den Akker on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by Alexandra Muskovszky

During our webinar registration I bumped into a Registration Error. First I thought the connection between Marketo and Gotowebinar was broken, as discussed in some other posts (and we also had the same thing happening in the past). After some digging and testing it appeared that only one lead was having problems being pushed to the Registered state in Gotowebinar.


In the Admin section it showed the following error:

Failed API error: Registration request is missing one or more required fields or contains fields longer than maximum input.


This led me to take a look at the actual data being pushed and the only 'weird' thing was a | character in the Job Title. By replacing it with a - character the problem disappeared.


So that's part 1 of the story. Next question for me is how to automate things so that I don't have to keep an eye on this. I thought I create a Smart Campaign to replace it, but immediately after that I realized I wouldn't know how to perform operations on text strings like that. Any ideas how to automatically replace the | with a - character whenever a Job Title is changed and contains the | character?


For the time being I set up an alert to myself, but hey, I want to go on holiday too every now and then ;-)


Thanks for any suggestions