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    We paused SFDC sync with Marketo - Best way to re-sync?

    Nicholas Dureault


      We paused our SFDC connection from Marketo for a few months and now we want to connect it back.  I'm concerned that when we re-connect Marketo, Marketo will take priority and overwrite any changes to lead/contact objects that have changed in both Marketo and SFDC during the time both systems have been disconnected.




      What we want are any changes that have happened in SFDC since we disconnected to now update into marketo without Marketo overwriting or taking priority.




      I've been thinking about updating the SFDC connection to restrict to 'read-only' but am concerned that it will only update on a change-by-change basis.


      Does anyone have experience with this and what would this look like?

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          Josh Hill

          Please read the docs on the sync process. Marketo wins in certain cases.


          Marketo will receive a flood of data from SFDC. Depending on your Marketo db, SFDC may also receive a flood. Your sync may be backlogged by several days if you do not take this into account.


          • Reduce fields that will be visible to Marketo (SFDC side)
          • Dedupe on  both ends.
          • Consider using the Do Not Sync on either side - you will have to ask Support for help. Lots of threads on that. This will further constrain who can sync over.