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Are emojis in subject lines worth it?

Question asked by Trent Cross Champion on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by d792f6361176647cdfce5943ef639599fc4a2a64

I ran across this blogpost worth sharing as we discussed the use of emojis in emails the last couple of meetings.


"Should you put emojis in the subject lines of your marketing emails? Your email inbox likely has several subject lines that include emojis. Why are marketers using them? Do they trigger spam classification? Are they helping open rates? Those questions and more, answered in this blog post: "


Don't forget to check out Jace Garside's reply in this blog: SLC MUG Meeting:  Email Best Practices. "...feel free to use the following link to encode your emojis - Q-Encoder for Email Headers - Dehumanizer's Tools

What do you think?