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    Trade Show Organizing

      Hey everyone,


      We are a part of multiple trade shows every year and i was wondering does anyone have a good way or organizing the leads they get from the trade shows? We want to try and avoid creating a data field set for each show. We currently just add the people to a list for that show but wasn't sure if there were better way to store the leads and their data.


      We want to use them for campaigns that pertain to the trade show throughout the year and send a reminder the next year that we will be at the show again.



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          Dan Stevens.

          Treat it as yet another program/channel in Marketo.  Assuming you have the correct program statuses defined, you would simply import the list as program members and define the appropriate program status (e.g., attended, visited booth, meeting request, etc.).  And then you can filter future communications based on membership/program status.

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              Grégoire Michel

              +1 on Dan.


              Anticipate that, in the program that hosts the tradeshow, you will need some static lists to import booth visitors or speaking slot (if you have any) attendees. Behind each static list, you may have some smart campaigns that add the imported leads to the program in the appropriate member status. Typical channels we use for tradeshow are:

              • Invited
              • Filled out meeting request forms (if you want to propose the visitors to get a meeting sheduled with someone of your team during the event)
              • Attended Tradeshow (if you happen to be able to get the list of visitors)
              • Visited booth
              • Attended speaking slot
              • Attended sales meeting (if you have set up sales meeting)




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              Josh Hill


              Please read up on Programs. That's exactly what they are for.