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Moving leads back through the revenue modeler

Question asked by cea167e1d810cae8b6a1a1d403e42d8b8df97da1 on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by Grégoire Michel

Hi Marketo Nation!


We are updating our revenue modeler (a pretty big change!) and wondering how everyone else is handling contacts who might need to repeat the revenue model. For example,


  • Susie J is attached to an opportunity.
  • That opportunity is closed lost and her contact is recycled.
  • Two years later, at contract renewal, Susie J is added to another opportunity.
  • That opportunity is closed won and Susie J becomes a customer.


The way we have it set up now, it seems like having multiple opportunities would move the leads to the wrong stage on the success path. Any ideas on how we can show leads who are already a customer or have been previously lost, have a new opportunity? We still want them to go through the lifecycle so we can report on current status.


We're thinking about making the gates (see below) into inventory stages. Is that going to mess up the flow in the success path analyzer?

ideal revenue modeler.JPG


Any inisight anyone has would be greatly appreciated!!