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Creating two records (leads) from one form - Referral Program

Question asked by Kat Narvaez on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by Christine Librojo


I've searched for info on this and I've seen others that have similar situations but not quite what we're trying to do. We're sending out a referral card in the mail to our current customers (we don't necessarily have their email addresses), so they can refer a friend, and in turn, we'll mail our customer a gift and we'll mail the friend information about our products. But we want to give our customer the option of filling out the referral card online. The online form will have:

  • Fields for our customer to fill out their name, email (so we can add them to our e-newsletter list), and mailing address.
  • Fields for their friend's info: name, mailing address, product info we should send them (checkboxes)


What we want the marketo program to do:

  • Create a record with our customer's info
  • Add customer to one of our lists
  • Create a record for customer's friend (with or without their email address, if possible)
  • Add friend's info to a separate list


Any ideas on how to accomplish this? My initial idea was just create one record (our customer) and add custom fields for friend's info, then just extract the friend's info and re-upload to a separate list. Just wondering if there's a more elegant way to do this.


Thank you!