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    Update from the Summit: Product announcments and Hillary


      Big day at the Summit: We launched a Customer Engagement Platform, which gives Marketers a place to to manage a buyers initial interaction and to lock in their customer loyalty and advocacy.  The new platform will help marketers:
      1.           UNDERSTAND: Track customer identity, contacts, and context across every digital, social, and mobile channel — then organize this information into a single, open data repository.
      2.           ORCHESTRATE: Design and coordinate engaging customer experiences and continuous conversations that take each customer on a personal journey over time – and do this in an organized, automated way.
      3.           PERSONALIZE: Deliver relevant, personalized content and messages across channels and devices.
      4.           MANAGE: Support the operational aspects of running a marketing department. Plan the marketing calendar, coordinate content, track investments, and tie the marketing budget directly to results.
      5.           OPTIMIZE: Measure and maximize marketing ROI across channels. Attribute outcomes to each marketing experience, regardless of which application handled the interaction.  Support data-driven decision making at the speed of marketing.
      6.           LEARN: The pace of change in marketing isn’t slowing down, so the platform also needs to give guidance, best practices, and knowledge to help marketers keep up.
      We also announced a strategic relationship with Axciom designed to help marketers utilize advanced data insights to tailor marketing content and offers throughout a customer's interactions and relationship with a brand.

      We also had three product announcements:
      1.           Real-time web personalization: to create apersonalized experiences for web and mobile visitors based on topic, industry .. and other information Marketo might have, such as behavioral data.
      2.           Marketing Calendar: to faciliate a team approach in managing marketing programs, where information is shared in real time across the organization 
      3.           Search engine optimization (SEO) Tool: to help marketers who don't have any special knowledge of this topic -- it provides recommendations for improving their ovreall content, keywords, etc.

      OH yea. We also had a special guest join The Nation: Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State. She shared her views on the Internet, Marketing and Global Politics:

      - Social media is a catalyst for action, and not a replacement for real life interaction (This was in reference to the Arab Spring in Egypt, when the protestors didn't have a concrete game plan for what to do after the protests)
           -Social Media has fostered the participation age (source: ZDNet)
           - Big Data gives us the processing power and tools to analyze the mountains of data generated by life in the 21st Century.

      And she also answerd the question big questions: Is she running for president. Here's her answer. This is the first time that she has admitted publically that she is thinking about running....
           (I will update this post later on today).