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    Marketo Sales Insight Customization and Reports/Metrics

      Hi all,


      I looked to find previous articles on this as I am sure other people have ran into this problem but I did not quite find an answer to the question.


      Recently we have had some of our sales rep tell us they are using HubSpot's free offering of email deliverability stats (open, clicked links) and so on.


      We want to bring this functionality to them through Marketo Sales Insight and let them send templated emails (but customize their audience and verbiage) where they can see who is opening and engaging with the emails they are crafting.


      My first question is if we provide a template through MSI can they craft the individual text through SFDC or are they locked into the verbiage provided by the approved template in Marketo?


      Second, is there an easy and quick way in SFDC to see the results of their chosen send (aka opens, click and so on) or will I have to create customized reports for each sales representative?


      Thanks in advance.