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    Format Date Token

    Trinity Levenson

      Hi, I need to change the standard date format from:  2017-02-27  to  27 February 2017   for an email send to a list of leads with a specific date for each. 

      I'm using a token for a Contract Date field:  {{lead.Contract Date}} which produces the standard format 2017-02-27

      The date in the lead record for the Contact Date field begins like this: Feb 27, 2017

      Reading throughout the community on how to fix this and it's not as clear as I'd like but nonetheless I'm reaching out to see if there's a clear-cut answer as to how to code the velocity script and step by step instructions so it works.  I understand I can use a My.token at the program level and code it in velocity script, but from there I need more guidance.    Thanks!   -T