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    District of Columbia

      How can I get this option into the "state" field picklist?


      I have every US state, but not this option and I need it for lead routing.


      Am I missing something obvious here? Thanks for any advice!

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          Dan Stevens.

          You either manually add it in (at the form level); or if you get these values from another platform (like CRM), you would add this value on the CRM side (assuming this field is setup within the sync).  Just note, the latter approach would require you to manually update all of your forms that use this value.  See more here: Re: Form picklist needs to update when the values are changed in CRM.  And here the Idea to vote on this automatic capability: Ability to refresh form field values with new SFDC values without removing field from form first  


          There's probably a third way to do this and that's with the API.  I just don't have enough knowledge to offer any insight on this one.

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              Thanks Dan!


              Our State field is mapped to the "address" system field built into SFDC. I don't have the ability to manually edit the picklist options in this field, and to be totally honest I'm not sure how the picklist options were defined in Marketo? Do you know how I can add this value to SFDC? I'm struggling to find how I can manually control any of this.


              You mentioned that the latter option - Adding the values to the CRM, would require an update to all forms that use this field. So then, both of the options provided would require manual updates to all forms that use the state field? Am I understanding you correctly?



              Thanks again for the quick reply.



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                  Dan Stevens.

                  Jordan - the manual updates are different in each scenario.  In the first one, you physically have to update the list of SELECT name/value pairs.  Whereas the second option - which obtains its values from CRM - is done by removing the field from the form and then re-adding (the values will be included automatically) - just as described in the link to the other thread in my earlier post.


                  We're not integrated with SFDC - we use MS Dynamics.  But I suspect the process of adding fields is similar.  Work with your CRM ops team to get them added.

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                    Josh Hill

                    In Marketo Forms, you can add any value pair you want to the picklist in the Form Editor. It might look like



                    Display | Value in Marketo

                    Washington, DC | DC


                    so that the data value entered is actually "DC"


                    Now, in SFDC it only appears that the picklist is frozen, unless you have Admin access to that field. So there are two ways to handle this:

                    1. Add the value to the Form in Marketo. Marketo accepts the value and pushes it to SFDC. SFDC may not allow you to see "DC" in new leads dropdown, but it will definitely show up on the record pushed from Marketo...UNLESS someone turned on Validation rules in SFDC.

                    2. Ask your SFDC Admin to update the SFDC picklist to add "DC"