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How does Marketo deal with Partner Community Contacts?

Question asked by 9e1a7b245e73ac0b560f318ed8d173082fd11fe5 on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by 807673794004d7cc46e6fe53d5beb6b5176e1cd9
Hi Marketo People,

I have a question re Contacts in who are partner community users. When I upload a list with their email addresses, Marketo doesn't seem to pick on the fact that the Contact already exists.

Is it because they are a Partner Community user - and therefore not a "real" contact somehow?

Anyone else run into this issue?

How do you deal with it? Since Marketo's not picking up these existing Contacts, I'm aftraid it will create new leads in the system when I push the list to

I don't have too much experience setting up partner communities, so any ideas would be appreciated.