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    Can anyone help? Trying to do something with different lead types

    Devan Mairose

      Hi guys -- looking for advice on this question I have around creating leads with a different lead type in SFDC. I'm not the best at SFDC (basic user, no admin) so apologies if this post is confusing. Happy to explain more if you think you've come across this!




      We're trying to push certain list uploads over to SFDC (we have a 1:1 integration) as a LEAD record, but a different TYPE of lead record than a normal "lead/lead" record. For example, we currently use Lead/Lead to describe end user leads, but we'd like to have another category that defines end user leads generated by partners. These would be Lead/Partner records.


      I've tried to upload and use the lead type field as an upload field, but they did NOT integrate as Lead/Partner (they integrated as Lead/Lead). Is this a capability that marketo even has? Has anyone else done this successfully?