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    Dynamics fields showing hashed values in Marketo sync

    Robert Kelen

      This isn't news, but since I had a hard time finding the answer when I went looking the first time, I thought it would be worth jotting it down for the next person...


      Are you seeing cryptic values in Marketo fields sync'd to Microsoft Dynamics (this sort of thing: 0c295e0f-de32-e011-b241-0050568c1347)?


      It's a known issue that picklist type fields in Dynamics will, in Marketo Support's words, "show a friendly value to the user but provide a GUID value to Marketo...There currently isn't a way to get this to display the friendly value in Marketo instead of the GUID. The work around is to write to a different field that isn't a picklist or drop down and sync that to Marketo instead."


      The good news is that a fix for this is on Marketo's implementation plan, but with no ETA as yet.


      There's also a Product Idea to vote on here: Show Value of Lookup Fields NOT GUID for Dynamics CRM Integration