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    Lead tracking with 3rd party system (Am I crazy?)

    Shawn Mims

      I'm sure that the best way for me to solve the following problem is to use the Marketo API. Unfortunately, that's not possible. With that said, my sales team is using SalesLoft (integrated with SalesForce) for cold email outreach. I'd like to be able to track these leads via Marketo. I'm trying to figure out if the following process is good/bad/crazy/insecure:


      - Hash lead email address in SalesForce with a unique key

      - Send encrypted email address to be included as a query string on all links in emails being sent by SalesLoft

      - Use javascript to detect presence of and decrypt hashed email address in query strings on our website

      - blind submit a Marketo form with the email address to merge the anonymous with the known lead


      Am I crazy? Thanks!