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    Lead Generation Specialist in Columbia, MD

      Sourcefire, now part of Cisco is looking for a Lead Generation Specialist responsible for understanding the marketplace of our target audience and create lead generation programs that will turn marketing inquiries into sales qualified leads. The ideal candidate should be a well-rounded “modern marketer” familiar with all types of B2B marketing tactics.

      Read the full job description and apply online today!

      About Sourcefire
      Through a recent acquisition, Sourcefire, a world leader in Cyber Security, has teamed up with Cisco Systems.  We are transforming the way global organizations and government agencies manage and minimize network security risk. Our IPS and real-time adaptive security solutions provide security for the real world of dynamic networks and escalating threats. Today, the names Sourcefire, Snort and Cisco have grown synonymous with innovation and Cyber Security.

      ...will be out at Summit '14 if you want to sync up!