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    Scoring issues due to multiple-visits of the same page at the same time

    Yifat Danieli

      I have an issue in giving the right score for my leads becuase of the following - look at this guy's log below. He is being counted at the exact same minute for 10 web visits of the SAME WEB PAGE...

      I'm not sure why this is hapenning... my questions are:


      1. Can I do something to prevent my leads from doing that? (or is it from their side only and Marketo simply count the times they're standing on their page? maybe their browser is auto-refreshed or something? I have no clue why this is hapenning)


      2. Can I make sure in my scoring program that a lead is given points only if they visit a page once?

      unnamed (2).png


      Any ideas?

      Thanks guys!