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    Marketo forms in WordPress

      Hi Marketo Fam,


      No one judge me if this is something easy because it's only Monday and my brain is already fried from trying to figure this out. Does anyone know how to correctly get a form from Marketo into a WordPress site. I can not find a way to do this at all. WordPress says i need to upload a file, but all i can find on Marketo is an embedded code. IT's prob really simple and my knowledge of this stuff is just very low. (i'm leaning, so love me)


      Thanks for the help in adv advance.

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          Lauren Beth

          Hi Lauren - in your WordPress site you can add the embedded code into the HTML area (look up even in the editor here - you'll see a button that says html.  Your site should have something similar.) and test it until it looks right.  In our experience, embedded forms perform poorly.  It didn't always load at the same speed as the rest of the site and/or wouldn't show up all the time. We now just use a button on our WordPress pages that sends visitors to a Marketo landing page.  The conversion/success rates are considerably better with this process as well for what its worth.

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              Sanford Whiteman

              It didn't always load at the same speed as the rest of the site...

              Embedded forms load asynchronously (on any page, this isn't specific to WP) so yes, if the whole page is prerendered on the server other than the form, it will draw a  second later.


              Also note you can preload Marketo forms in the background and then show them on button click. This is an instantaneous process (and should not be confused with loading Marketo forms on button click, I'm talking about showing on click).


              ... and/or wouldn't show up all the time.

              That doesn't tack with our observations. We've got embedded forms loading millions of times per day in thoroughly tested environments. Perhaps you had something else going on in WP that was breaking the forms library.

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              Sanford Whiteman

              You don't need to upload anything for the forms themselves, though you may need a plugin to enable the embed code to be added to your pages. Something like Scripts 'n' Styles does the trick.


              A Forms 2.0 embed code is three things:


              • An empty HTML <form> tag. This tell the forms library where the form(s) are to be inserted in the page.
              • A remote <script> include (forms2.min.js). This is the forms library. It does all the lifting for initializing, validating, and submitting forms.
              • A local <script>. This is just a one-liner that affirms that the forms library should find and init a form (loadForm) on the current page. Without this component, the form won't display, that is, the <form> tag in the first bullet point will not be filled with actual form widgets.