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    Drip Campaign Options

    Frank Breen

      We have a subscription that lasts 1 month, but a month is not always 31 days.


      Example 1: if I subscribe on 8th February 2017, my subscription expires on 7th March 2017 (27 days)

      Example 2: if I subscribe on 10th April 2017, my subscription expires on 9th May 2017 (29 days)

      Example 3: if I subscribe on 19th July 2017, my subscription expires on 18th August 2017 (30 days)


      What's the best way to setup a drip campaign so that it sends communications for the duration of the subscription?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Frank,


          • Create a field to store the end date
          • When the person registers, add the person to a static list and call a webhook (from one of the 4 webhook platforms available in the Launchpoint, see the list here: https://nation.marketo.com/message/152050#comment-152050) to calculate the subscription end date
          • Have another batch smart campaign that runs every day, and remove from the smart list all leads which are a member of it and which subscription end date is passed
          • Set up your drip campaign flow or engagement program to test that the person is a member of the static list in order to send email.



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              Josh Hill

              The Wait Step date token won't work here?


              I also see a way to run a batch entry daily, with a Remove Step referencing the expiration date somehow. Something like if Expiration Date is Today, then Remove from Flow. Might need more tinkering than that.

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                  Grégoire Michel

                  Hi Josh,


                  Yes, the wait step token will work but the hard point is to set it's value. Since the number of days depends on the month you are in, better use a webhook. And if you use a Webhook to set the value, as the webhook is asynchronous, you have to wait until the value is set to be able to add the lead to a wait step.


                  The yes, you can remove from flow at the expiration date, but only if you are using a flow So I was suggesting to use a list as a "marker".



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