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    Marketo & Dell Boomi REST API Connector

    Mike Hartley

      I'm caught in the situation where I'm learning Marketo, and also having to learn Dell Boomi - at the same time - and have to integrate the two. So please forgive any simplistic questions!


      I am trying to use the native Dell Boomi Marketo REST API Connector (now that they have one) to connect to our Marketo instance - but all I get when I try to query leads is a 603 Access Denied error.


      Looking at the articles here, they all discuss using Boomi before there was a connector for Marketo (and the 3 part article that someone kindly wrote doesn't have the images any more)


      Could someone kindly help me with a step-by-step process for connecting to Marketo within Boomi using the dedicated Marketo REST API connector?