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    Sending from different reply-to emails & names

      Hello, does anyone know if it is possible to send from different reply-to email addresses and from names in Marketo within one single campaign? For example, I have 5 different sales reps with unique email addresses and names. For a batch of 25 emails, can I send an email with the reps unique email address? and then the next 25 emails with a different unique email address?

      This would be like applying the concept of token's to the reply-to email address. 

      OR is it possible to setup 5 different email templates with 5 different reply-to emails and from names?

      LASTLY... would you recommend or say its best practice to just use one general reply-to email address and different from names (sales reps). We are setting up an email invitation to high-level execs and would like the email to appear as personal as possible. 

      ANY thoughts or feedback would help greatly. Thank you in advance!
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          Hi Lourdes,

          There are a couple of ways you could do what you're asking.

          You could create five copies of the email you wish to send and use a smart campaigns to target the subsets of targets you'd like based on Random Sample, or other variable criteria (Member of Smart List is X, State is Y, etc.). 

          Alternatively, you could create a Segmentation with your different target groups segmented based on whatever criteria you wish. Then, in the email you're wanting to send, you change the header from Static Content to Dynamic Content, modifying the Reply-to field, Subject Line (and anything else you want) based solely on the segmentation.

          We do something very, very similar with our sales emails, segmenting by sales rep territory. Whenever we create a personalized message—something meant to look like it's coming from a person's inbox—we change the Reply-To field and the Footer to match the rep and territory.

          Hopefully that's helpful for your project! Good luck.
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            Dory Viscogliosi
            Hi Lourdes, you can also use tokens as you suggested, if you have the lead's rep in their record. You could do {{lead.lead owner first name}} (or similar token, depending on your specific field name) and {{lead.lead owner email}} which will populate the rep's information from each individual lead record.

            As far as your final question, having a general email address with the rep's name populated is definitely slightly less personalized when a person opens the email and sees a generic email address. One (potential) downside to using the rep's actual email address is that they will receive all of the bouncebacks and OOO replies which you might otherwise see. You might be able to have your IT dept set up different email addresses so that if you have a sales rep named Rob Smith, and his email address is robs@xyz.com then you create rsmith@xyz.com so it still looks personalized, but you can manage the responses.
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              Great, thank you both for your responses!