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    Subscriptions of smart lists vs smart campaigns

    Nick Deboo

      Smart campaigns: this doesn't work

      1. Created an user meeting program
      2. Created a smart campaign: "Fill in form" - "Change program status to registered"
      3. Went to the results of that smart campaign - "View campaign members" and made a "New smart list subscription"


      The subscription doesn't show up in the subscription list.


      Smart lists: this works

      1. Next to the above actions, I created a smart list, based on the registered status of the program.
      2. Went to the members of that list
      3. Created a "New smart list subscription"


      The subscription shows up in the subscription list



      When I tried to make the smart list subscription via the smart list, I used the same name as when I tried through a smart campaign. It gave an error because I couldn't use the same name. So it seems it was somehow created but not showing?


      Is this bug or am I missing something?