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    A/B Testing and Google AdWords

      Hi community--

      We are about to launch A/B testing on a few of our landing pages via the Test Group functionality but we want to make sure that this won't affect Google AdWords tracking in any way.

      More specifically, we want to know:
      1. How will Google score our "landing page" if it now has multiple different copies? Part of the AdWords algorithm for Quality Score is dependent on relevance of landing page copy, to ad copy, to search query.
      2. Will Google still track impression counts on the landing page normally? I read in a previous post that this one company had an issue where because they were using AB testing in Marketo, Google Analytics stopped giving them Google AdWords related data from those pages.

      Thoughts and insight much appreciated.

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          Google experiments does the same thing and we use it for all of our testing on a major PPC budget. Not sure why there would be a problem when both essentially do the same thing. Sorry I don't use Marketo AB on landing pages because if the user refreshes the page it switches from A to B as opposed to placing the user in a A or B bucket.  - Jeff